Monday, 5 October 2009

***SPOILERS*** The pond scene (Doctor Who filming Mon 05 Oct 09)

Both Doctor 11 and Amy Pond can be seen here recording a scene.

[It has been a long day! It is nearly midnight but I'm going to stay up and post all the photos and gossip from todays filming]
First of all: If you don't like SPOILERS then please skip this post!
This scene takes place a very short walk up the road from the white house (Amy's house?) where filming recently took place, not far at all.
Matt Smith is wearing Doctor Ten clothes... his shirt has small rips all over, it looks like he has been in some sort of explosion?
This scene was recorded over and over again.
The fans were quite close really, only about 20-30ft away... I think I heard the following dialogue:
Doctor: How do you know it is a duck pond?
Amy: It just is
Doctor: Welcome to the end of life on earth
Amy: Are you just going to sit there?
Doctor: Here they come the human race... down a video phone... (the doctor dramatically slaps his head twice as he says...) I saw it and I missed it
Amy: You told me you had a time machine
I am very happy to be corrected on the above.