Friday, 30 April 2010

Who's steamed up the Tardis? The Doctor shares a passionate kiss with companion Amy

Her revealing outfits have left fans in no doubt she is the most sexiest Doctor Who companion in the history of the hit science fiction drama.
Now Amy Pond is to appear in one of the most risque scenes the BBC show has ever seen as she forces herself on the Time Lord in her bedroom.
Viewers will be shocked to see Karen Gillan's character kissing the doctor played by Matt Smith as he is backed up against the side of his Tardis.

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Peter Harvey SHOULD have received a prison sentence

Stuart Rafferty QC: "What he [Mr Harvey] did was grossly disproportionate to the wrong inflicted on him by the boy or other members of the class."
This is exactly my point, it was ***grossly disproportionate***, and that is why Mr Harvey should have received a prison sentence.
We have a rule of law in this country for a reason, we cannot have citizens taking the law into their own hands, especially not to physically abuse children who are suppose to be in your care.

Q&A: 'Who' director Adam Smith

Photo: Alun Vega.

'The Eleventh Hour' was undeniably one of the most anticipated episodes of Doctor Who ever. A brand new Doctor, a brand new companion and a brand new behind-the-scenes team, led by Steven 'The Moff' Moffat. With all eyes fixed on Upper Boat, who did the execs draft in to direct The Eleventh Doctor's debut? Step forward Who newbie Adam Smith - previously known for directing music videos by The Chemical Brothers and The Streets - who's also headed up the River Song-Weeping Angels two-parter. Ahead of this weekend's concluding half, we caught up with Adam for a chat about his time on Who.

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Thursday, 29 April 2010

All change for Doctor Who assistant as Karen Gillan wears three outfits in one day


On the Graham Norton show, Miss Gillan admitted there will be a full on kissing scene with the doctor in an upcoming episode and said that her boyfriend was 'cool' about it.

Karen Gillan will be a guest on next week's Graham Norton Show. Next Monday, 22:35 on BBC One.

Lucie Jones to appear in 'Sarah Jane'

Lucie Jones has confirmed that she will appear in an upcoming episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The former X Factor contestant told Metro that she would have a small role in the CBBC Doctor Who spin-off.

Jones said: "It's a tiny cameo but apparently it's quite funny."

It was recently announced that new Doctor Who lead Matt Smith would appear in Sarah Jane, while the series will also feature Katy Manning, Laila Rouass, Cheryl Campbell and Harry Potter's David Bradley.*

* Digital spy.

Neil Gaiman completes 'Doctor Who' script

Neil Gaiman has confirmed that he has completed writing a draft script for the next series of Doctor Who.

The author told his Twitter followers that he would now continue to work on an adaptation of his own 2005 novel Anansi Boys.

Gaiman wrote: "Doctor Who episode next season draft done and in. Now I work on Anansi Boys script and then try and get to see fiancee on her birthday."

Earlier this year, Gaiman teased that his planned episode was originally called 'The House of Nothing' but added that it has since been retitled.*

* Digital spy.

Doctor Who Series 5 Introducing Flesh and Stone


Matt Smith is to play the novelist Christopher Isherwood


The Sun

Wikipedia - Christopher Isherwood

Karen Gillan (GGG) Interview Taster. SFX.

The new SFX has a major interview with Karen Gillan, aka, Doctor Who’s Amy Pond, and here’s a special preview snippet.

Has Amy changed since you got the role or did she arrive fully formed?
“It was strange. The first audition I did I didn’t even know the character’s name or anything about her. I think they were quite specific and they knew what they wanted and were just waiting for the right girl who had all the components. But then for my second audition I got to read the first episode, so I kind of got the feel for her. It was a very scary audition, but fun. It was really weird that day, with the recall. I read with Matt and it did go really well, but I’m quite hard on myself anyway, so I was kind of in a weird daze afterwards. I didn’t really think I was going to get it, because it’s so far-fetched – it’s Doctor Who! But then I found out on the same day, which was really good. It put me out of my misery!”

How important was it for you to keep your Scottish accent for the role of Amy?
“I actually auditioned for it in both an English accent and a Scottish accent, and after I was cast they still weren’t sure if Amy was going to be English or Scottish. Obviously Steven Moffat’s Scottish, and we just decided that she could be Scottish. But it was really nice to be able to do it in my own accent, because it’s obviously something I feel more comfortable doing, and I think it really suits her.”

How would you describe Amy’s dress sense?
“I had a lot of input in how she appears physically, with hair and make-up and what she wears. I think she’s got this inner confidence and she’s this sassy girl so doesn’t have to wear baggy clothes. Maybe she can wear stuff that shows a bit of skin from time to time, because she’s got the confidence to do that. Everyone in the team and the costume designer really took on what I had to say about it, and we worked together, in collaboration.”

And do you think that is a confidence you have yourself?
“I would say Amy is more sassy than I am. Watching myself on screen is a bit cringey. It’s like hearing your voice on one of these!” [points at dictaphone]

Check out the complete interview in the new issue of SFX, on sale 5 May.

Enter the world of Doctor Who

Brit Movie Tours, a unique film and TV locations sightseeing tour company that visits sites in London and throughout Britain, bringing them to life, has just launched the first ever Doctor Who Tour of Locations.


Who is the father?

DOCTOR Who sidekick Amy Pond looks set to pop as she sulks heavily-pregnant on a park swing.

It is unclear whether the redhead (Karen Gillan aka 'GGG') is expecting a tiny timelord.

In the episode to be screened on May 15, she is clearly fed up with both the Doctor (Matt Smith) and fiancé Rory (Arthur Darvill).

Her neighbours protest after the Tardis lands on a flower bed.

The Sun

GGG on the cover of SFX (Issue 196).

Look WHO it is! The Grumpy Ginger Girl!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Sexy legs!


Celebrities express concerns at Tory BBC plans

Some 50 famous faces including David Tennant and Catherine Tate have signed an open letter expressing concerns at Conservative plans for the BBC.

BBC News

DWM 421

Ten teasers about 'Flesh and Stone'

Digital spy

Double Blake

Matt Smith's new look has been compared to that of Amy Winehouse's husband Blake, who has much in common with Doctor Who.
He frequently has to fight off a scratchy-voiced threatening creature that can't climb stairs unaided.*

* Frankie Boyle.

Amy asks the Doctor...

"Aww are you Mr. Grumpy Face today?"

Matt Smith is a much better Doctor Who than David Tennant

Mr E - This article has certainly upset a few David Tennant fans!

Michael Deacon - The Telegraph.

Doctor Who: the monster-off

Would the Weeping Angels beat the Daleks in a fight? Is there still a soft spot behind your sofa for the Silurians? It's time to tot up the baddies' scores.
--- --- ---

'Doctor Who' Star Matt Smith Recalls His Season-Ending Debut... And David Tennant's Exit (VIDEO)


The Matt pack

EVERY ash cloud has a silver lining - as loved-up Time Lord MATT SMITH and his British Rat Pack will tell you.

The Sun
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Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Streets' Mike Skinner makes Doctor Who cameo

Rapper-producer plays security guard in 'The Time Of The Angels'.


New Dr Who Matt Smith reveals secret lust for Daily Lowe


NEW Time Lord Matt Smith has revealed he's wanted to Doctor Woo sexy model Daisy Lowe for YEARS.


(There is a link on the page to view 16 more photos of Daisy Lowe).


DOCTOR Who star Matt Smith hopes to make waves in the bedroom by installing a waterbed.

Matt, 27 – who has been getting cosy with model Daisy Lowe – is seeking a £2,000, top-of-the-range bed for his swanky London flat.

He asked posh Harrods store, which used to boast it could get anything for its customers – but waterbeds are off its list, so he’s still hunting.

A pal said: “Matt loves his comfort and he’s been gagging to get a waterbed into his new flat. He’s on the look-out for somewhere that sells a top quality one that will look good in his pad.

“He’s a real ladies’ man so it won’t be long before he is putting the mattress to good use.

“If lucky Daisy gets to try it out, it will ­certainly feel like the earth is moving!”

Matt, who recently split up with Brazilian singer Mayana Moura, hooked up with 21-year-old Daisy at the Coachella Festival in California last weekend.

The pair have been getting closer and closer since.

And there are even rumours that the actor has already met Daisy’s rocker dad Gavin Rossdale and his wife Gwen Stefani.

Matt’s pal added: “His life is changing hugely all the time.

“Since the new Doctor Who series started on BBC1 last month, interest in him has gone through the roof. He used to be seen as a bit of a geek who wasn’t exactly fighting off babes. Now he’s got a hot girlfriend and other girls can’t keep their hands off him. It’s amazing to see how his life has changed.”

(Daily Star).

Gordon Brown would like ex-Doctor Who David Tennant to play him in the film of his life

Gordon Brown has declared who he'd like to play him in the film of his life... ex-Doctor Who David Tennant.

The PM said the Scot would be ideal for the role as: "He's got a similar background to me and the right accent".

Er... two out of three ain't bad, Gord.

(Mirror. 25/04/10)

(Mr E - I think the Devil would be a better choice!)

Was 'The Time Of Angels' a triumph?

Digital spy



☆☆☆ To attack the BBC is to devalue our national culture as a whole ☆☆☆

Ahead of the forthcoming election, we wanted to raise our concerns about the BBC's future. Over the past few months, leading opposition politicians have suggested that a new government should prioritise cutting the BBC's licence fee. Others have shown a cavalier attitude towards the BBC's independence, calling, for example, for the BBC to sell off Radio 1, to roll back its online activities and to get rid of the BBC's governing body, the BBC Trust.

The BBC is the most important cultural organisation in Britain and an indispensable part of our society, admired and envied throughout the world. It is right that there is a national debate about the future of the BBC. But attacking it to serve the interests of its commercial rivals would be short-sighted and threatens to devalue not just the BBC itself, but our culture as a whole. We urge people to think about the consequences of their vote for this cherished part of our national life.

Jo Brand, Peter Capaldi, Harry Enfield, Richard Eyre, Stephen Frears, Eddie Izzard, Catherine Tate, Liane Aukin, John Barrowman, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Hugh Bonneville, Jo Brand, Peter Capaldi, Jo Brand, Peter Capaldi, Phil Collinson, Peter Davison, Harry Enfield, Sir Richard Eyre, Simon Fanshawe, Stephen Frears, Nicci French, Romola Garai, Claire Goose, Michelle Hanson, Charlie Higson, Eddie Izzard, Ashley Jensen, Terry Jones, Kathy Lette, Roger Lloyd Pack, Peter Kay, Stephen Mangan, Tony Marchant, Alastair McGowan, Stephen Merchant, Roger Michell, David Mitchell, David Nicholls, Steve Pemberton, Piers Plowright, Jan Ravens, Tony Robinson, Nicola Shindler, Meera Syal, Catherine Tate, Ken Taylor, David Tennant, Rhys Thomas, Harriet Walter, Robert Webb, Arabella Weir, Sam West, Richard Wilson, Susan Woolridge, Stewart Wood.


Doctor Who fans angered by trailer for Over the Rainbow

Thousands of Doctor Who fans have contacted the BBC to complain that the ending of Saturday night's episode was ruined by a trailer for the next show.


Over to TOTTERS Jamie Jones...

The Sunday Telegraph - David Tennant, PEST CONTROL.

Photo: Mr E.

Say what Amy?

"I don't need you to die for me Doctor, I'm not that clingy."

Say what?

Amy: "I thought they were all dead."

Doctor: "So is Virginia Wolf, but I'm on her bowling team."

Say what Doctor?

"I'm nobody's taxi service, and I'm not going to be there to catch you every time you jump out of a spaceship."

The Time of Angels REVIEWS

Den of geek:

Dan's Media Digest:

Unreality Shout:


I'm in love with...


David Atkins
Bob - Episodes: The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Doctor (The Time of Angels)

“A Weeping Angel, Amy, is the deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent life form evolution has ever produced. Right now one of them is trapped inside that wreckage and I’m supposed to climb in after it with a screwdriver and a torch … and assuming I survive the radiation long enough and assuming the whole ship doesn’t... just blow up in my face, do something incredibly clever … which I haven’t actually thought of yet … that’s what I’m up to, that’s my day … any questions?”
(Thanks to Jamie Jones).

Free Doctor Who BBC audio CD...


Inside The Daily Telegraph TODAY!

A brand new, exclusive story - The Runaway Train - read by new Doctor, Matt Smith.

Man Utd v Spurs - Come on Spurs!

Edit > Manchester United 3 Tottenham Hotspur 1.

TONIGHT - BBC1. 6:20pm.


The biggest knob-head on television?

Andrew Stone
from Sky1 Pineapple Dance Studios.

Guess Who's freaked out by ghosts..

As Dr Who's side kick, she takes on aliens, vampires and even Daleks, but Karen Gillan admits she is frightened - by GHOSTS.

Karen, 22, who plays Amy Pond in the cult BBC show, said: "My mother is adamant there are ghosts in our house, which hasn't helped me. She thinks we've got a 'presence'."

The flame-haired beauty from Inverness added: "If I am at home on my own I can get quite freaked out and need to look around every few seconds."

And TV newcomer Karen admits she was never a fan of Dr Who - until she got the plum role as Matt Smith's assistant.

She said: "Mum's a fan, but I wasn't. When I was younger I watched Star Trek: Voyager, but Doctor Who passed me by."

(Daily Mirror 23/04/10)

Karen Gillan: I wore bucket on my head for modelling job


Shame Moffat didn't have the same idea about GGG, the miserable cow!! ;)

Doctor Who's Rainbow Daleks revamped to 'target toy shops'

Daily Mail

Moan, moan and bloody moan. This article really annoys me. New Dalek toys for children (and big children!!) to play with is a good thing... and besides, no one is forcing you to buy them. Paul Revoir, you are a bit of a wally sir!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

US Torchwood remake is put on hold


Doctor Who's assistant Karen Gillan promises surprising adventures

Doctor Who actress Karen Gillan has said her character's relationship with the Time Lord will develop in a surprising way.

The 22-year-old actress stars alongside Matt Smith's new Doctor as Amy Pond, a character befriended as a child by the time traveller before he accidentally abandoned her.

After reuniting with her childhood ally the "Raggedy Doctor", Amy has proved a crucial companion for the Time Lord, helping him steer the course of a futuristic Britain and saving wartime London from the returning Daleks.

Speaking to Metro ahead of Saturday's broadcast of her fourth Doctor Who episode, Gillan said there was a "really interesting dynamic" between Amy and the Time Lord.

"There are many levels to it," she explained. "She won't be following him around like a lovesick puppy. There are some surprises ahead."

Gillan's attractiveness has frequently been mentioned in reviews of the current series and the Scottish actress said she was "flattered" but found it "very weird" to be labelled the Doctor's sexiest companion.

"Doctor Who has a long line of sexy companions, it's nothing new," she added. "I don't particularly aspire to be sexy, I just want to play the part well."


Doctor Who's Tardis gets a makeover as St John Ambulance badge returns to the outside


Say what?

Steven Moffat:
Both Chris and David were quite cool Doctors, and while Matt certainly isn't short on cool, he has an amazing clumsiness. He's halfway between Indiana Jones and Stan Laurel.

Doctor Who Prom

Sunday 25 July 2010.

Royal Albert Hall.

Karen Gillan (companion Amy Pond) and Matt Smith (the Doctor) host an intergalactic musical adventure featuring Murray Gold's music from the TV series, plus a selection of classical favourites.

Steven Moffat. Doctor Who: The return of the Weeping Angels.

tv blog.

Daleks invade Sheffield city centre (VIDEO)


(Thanks to Jamie Jones for the link).

K9 comes to Five


Leggy Karen flashes the flesh

DOCTOR Who beauty Karen Gillan was back flashing her legs as she dazzled in a green mini-dress last night.

Read more:

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Doctor Who's new theme tune: great or dire?

When Matt Smith arrived, so did a new Doctor Who theme tune – and it's divided the nation. Now two Telegraph writers join the debate.


Doctor Who: The Time of Angels

TV episode review.

Doctor Loo! Time Lord Matt Smith emerges from toilet that looks just like his Tardis


Dr. Who prepares to conquer North America


Doctor Who Matt Smith smashes BBC America's ratings record with debut

Daily Mirror

Free Doctor Who BBC audiobooks

Get your first two free Doctor Who BBC audiobooks, read by David Tennant and Matt Smith, only inside the Telegraph this weekend.

Starting Saturday, 24 April, claim free Doctor Who stories on CD, only with the Telegraph.

Inside The Daily Telegraph on Saturday
A brand new, exclusive story - The Runaway Train - read by new Doctor, Matt Smith.
The Runaway Train also features his companion, Amy Pond.

Inside The Sunday Telegraph
Part One of Pest Control, a thrilling story read by David Tennant and featuring the Doctor's companion, Donna Noble.

From Monday, 26 April, you can claim a further five free CDs at WHSmith.

We'll print a voucher each day in The Daily Telegraph - take each day's voucher to your nearest high street WHSmith to claim, or collect tokens and send off for a pack. The five CDs span the decades, featuring two further Doctors and the Doctor's arch enemy, the Daleks.

Free inside on...

Saturday, 24 April.
The Runaway Train - An original story, read by Matt Smith.

Free inside on...

Sunday, 25 April.
Pest Control - Part One. An original BBC audiobooks story, read by David Tennant.

Free with The Daily Telegraph on...

Monday, 26 April.
Pest Control - Part Two. An original BBC audiobooks story, read by David Tennant.

Free with The Daily Telegraph on...

Tuesday, 27 April.
Slipback - Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and Valentine Dyall star in this BBC Radio 4 adventure from 1985.

Free with The Daily Telegraph on...

Wednesday, 28 April.
Exploration Earth - Tom Baker and Sarah Jane Smith star in this special BBC School Radio episode from 1976.

Free with The Daily Telegraph on...

Thursday, 29 April.
Geneisis of the Daleks - Tom Baker narrates an abridged audio version of the 1975 television adventure.

Free with The Daily Telegraph on...

Friday, 30 April.
Mission on the Unknown - The soundtrack to a Doctor Who adventure from 1965, but which famously does not feature the Doctor himself, with linking narration by Peter Purves.

Katy Manning talks Jo (SFX interview).

Katy Manning is returning to our TV screens to play companion Jo Grant in The Sarah Jane Adventures. She told us what it’s like to be back.


Gallery: 'Doctor Who - The Time of Angels'

Digital spy

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

TOTTERS Facebook Group Member Simon Burnell

Many thanks to TOTTERS group member Simon Burnell for the new group/blog photo. I wonder how long the TARDIS sticker will remain!! Thank you sir, you are a true legend!

Over to Simon...
"I visited the Only Totters Lane in Britain (so I believe) today. Its a real quiet country lane.
I got quite excited as I approached it as I saw a Blue box in the distance (turned out to be a blue recycling bin)
Pictures of the road sign as promised.
as promised I stuck a TARDIS Sticker over the Hampshire County council Logo . Looks pretty good. Hopefully it will stay on for a long time.
I'll check up on it annually lol
Just up from the sign is what looks remarkably like a Junk Yard too. (What are the odds?)
I would have got closer but a big angry dog informed me that he'd rather I not come any closer thank you so very much."

Alex Kingston talks 'Doctor Who' return - Digital Spy


(Thanks to Randall Thomas).

Topless but for a string of pearls, Doctor Who star Matt Smith showers underwear model Daisy Lowe with kisses

Cybermen for DVD

The British Board of Film Classification has cleared a trailer for a forthcoming double DVD release of Revenge of the Cybermen and Silver Nemesis.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Andy Lambert

Become a fan on Facebook:

Gary Lineker tipped to be the next Dr Who


Fans angry about new Dr Who music (VIDEO)

CBBC Newsround

Gay Daleks


(Thanks to Lady L).

Matt Smith rocks out at Coachella

Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe, just 'having fun'.


Sarah Jane Smith is reunited with another of The Doctor's former companions, Jo Grant (Katy Manning), in a new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, set to air on CBBC this autumn. They'll be joined by The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith), in special editions penned by executive producer Russell T Davies.

Dr Phew gets fans fired

The Sun

The Doctor and Jo Grant join CBBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures in special episodes written by Russell T Davies

Katy Manning was immensely popular as Jo Grant, companion to Jon Pertwee's Doctor during his exile on Earth in the 1970s.


The Graham Norton Show - BBC1. 10:45pm-11:30pm. Mon 19 April.

Season 7 - Episode 2 of 12.

The host is joined by Muriel's Wedding and The Sixth Sense star Toni Collette, actress Billie Piper, who can currently be seen in BBC One drama A Passionate Woman, and comedienne Shappi Khorsandi. Music is provided by Scouting for Girls, who recently celebrated their first number-one hit single in the UK with This Ain't a Love Song.

Ten teasers about 'The Time Of Angels'

After a decidedly polarised response to 'Victory of the Daleks', all eyes are now on the next episode of Doctor Who to see where the series goes next. And 'The Time Of Angels' has a heck of a lot going for it, boasting the return of two of Moff's greatest triumphs: River Song and the Weeping Angels.

Read on for ten teasers about episode four:

1. When we meet Doctor Song, she's on the run - but she has an escape plan involving The Doctor.

2. The episode includes the caption "10,000 years later."

3. There's a Weeping Angel trapped inside the Byzantium.

4. First mention of "spoilers"? 9 minutes 27 seconds.

5. Amy: "Is River Song **** ****? ... "She's *** ****** from the ******, isn't she?"

6. There's a device that harks back to 'Silence In The Library'. Think "hey, who turned out the lights?"

7. Amy should really learn that too much TV is bad for her eyes.

8. The Doctor. Bites. Amy.

9. River: "I have pictures of *** **** *****."

10. The cliffhanger isn't the usual sort of two-parter cliffhanger we've grown accustomed to with new Who. Despite being very familiar.

Source: Digital spy.

Secret wardrobe of a dressed-down Billie Piper is more 'slummy mummy' than Belle de Jour


Secret diary of a Time Lord: The fete date of Matt Smith and Billie Piper back in 2006


Sunday, 18 April 2010

New Dr Who Matt Smith's Time with Billie Piper

Here's a sight to startle all Doctor Who fans... new Time Lord Matt Smith walking hand-in-hand with Billie Piper.

Read more:


"And here's me thinking we'd be running through time being daft and fixing stuff."


"Keep buggering on!"

BBC - Doctor Who Daleks Evolution


There's not your body.

Doctor to the Daleks:
"You're bluffing. Deception's second nature to you. There's not a sincere bone in your body. There's not your body."

I'd like to see you try

Churchill: "Think of what I could achieve with your remarkable machine, Doctor. The lives that could be saved."

Doctor: "Ah, it doesn't work like that!"

Chuchill: "Must I take it by force?"

Doctor: "I'd like to see you try."

Don't mess with me, sweetheart

"You are The Doctor, you must be exterminated."
Doctor (brandishing a Jammie Dodger):
"Don't mess with me, sweetheart."

Say what? (Series 5, Episode 3).

Dalek: "I am your soldier."

Amy: "Yeah, got that bit. I love a squaddie. What else though?"

David Tennant celebrates turning 39 today! Happy Birthday to Doctor 10.

Happy 39th Birthday Doctor 10!