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Have the BBC found its new Dorothy? Quick, someone tell Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Destiny of the Daleks

The Doctor: [to a pursuing Dalek] If you're supposed to be the superior race of the universe, why don't you try climbing after us? BYE BYE!

Day off for the Doctor?!

"If you're ill, it's just tough. I think your head would have to be falling off before you could take a day off."

MATT SMITH on the punishing filming schedule for cult sci-fi show DOCTOR WHO.


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A Practically Spoiler-Free Preview Of The Revelatory Return Of Doctor Who

There's been some trepidation about the post-Tennant & Davies incarnation of Doctor Who. But, as Adey Lobb finds when he sits down to a preview screening, we could be looking at a classic series.

(Mr E - Beware, as the title suggests, a couple of spoilers are revealed)


The Top Ten Doctor Introduction Stories

With Matt Smith set to 'find his Doctor' on Saturday, let's see how his predecessors fared in this delicate moment...
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"It's a bit of a shame that two of Who's Doctor-introducing stories are arguably two of the worst stories in the show's history, and choosing which one of these crapsacks comes in shameful, shameful last place is like picking between dog shit and cat shit."
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K9 - The Official Site





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Gillan: 'New Who has amazing climax'

Digital spy

Matt Smith Figure

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Doctor, who was that?

A short video clip of Matt Smith & Karen Gillan meeting Doctor Who fans!

Doctor Who BUS

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Monday, 29 March 2010

Behind the scenes with the new Doctor Who

There is less than a week to go until the new series of Doctor Who hits our TV screens.

BBC Newsround reporter Leah Gooding went along for a sneak preview of what to expect.


I wonder!...

Does anyone know if Karen Gillan's mum is a Doctor Who fan?!?! *
* EDIT> I knew that someone would take this question seriously! I know the answer as that is all Karen Gillan is blabbering about!

DWM - Matt Smith & Karen Gillan (GGG)

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Inside Doctor 11 Matt Smith TARDIS

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Radio Times - Series 5 Doctor Who

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BBC Newsline meets Doctor Who and his assistant

BBC Newsline's Arts Correspondent, Maggie Taggart, talks to Matt Smith and Karen Gillan about their new roles as Doctor Who and his assistant, Miss Pond.

06 minute interview...

Doctor 11: Monsters are scared of me! (video clip).

"Have you met monsters before?"
"Are you scared of them?"
"No. They're scared of me."
Watch a cool 02:34 minute Doctor Who video:
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Facebook group: 'Doctor Who - The Spoiler Zone'

Doctor Who opening Scene (Without the TARDIS) ;)


Thoughts & Prayers sent to Moscow...

At least 38 people were killed and more than 60 injured in two suicide bomb attacks on the Moscow Metro during the morning rush hour, officials say.

BBC News:

Matt 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah' Smith

Matt Smith likes to say 'Yeah, yeah, yeah' during interviews!

Listen to the Jonathan Ross tv interview and the Chris Moyles radio interview!

Do you think his favourite band are the 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs'?..

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Official Site:

Smith writes Doctor Who tales

Actor Matt Smith has penned a series of stories based on Doctor Who - in a bid to get to know the character.

The star took over the role from David Tennant, who quit last year), and his first scenes in the sci-fi show will be broadcast in the UK next month.

And Smith admits he wrote a number of tales about the character to try and understand his thought process before he began filming.

He tells the Daily Mirror, "I wanted to feel like Doctor Who, understand where he'd come from. So I wrote stories of The Doctor and Einstein in Egypt which focused on their roles in the creation of the Pyramids.

"I had six months preparation before we began filming so it gave me time to write quite a few stories."

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Over The Rainbow (BBC)

There's No Place Like Home!

I really enjoyed the first two episodes...
20 Dorothys were reduced to 10 (plus a wild card Dorothy)...
Do you have a favourite Dorothy yet?

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Life in the Day: Karen Gillan. The 22-year-old, who is the Time Lord’s new companion, on Elvis, poached eggs and ‘alien things’

My first thought on waking up is always, “Have I slept through my alarm?” On a normal day it goes off at 6am. It’s pretty hideous. Wayne, my driver, is at my door ready to pick me up at 6.30, so it’s a bit of a mad rush — shower, dress, go. If I’m late out the door, he’ll call me, saying: “Where are you? Get up!” From my flat in Cardiff it’s a 25-minute drive to the studio, then straight into my trailer. It’s big and quite extravagant, with a bathroom, shower and lounge area. It’s incredibly nice. I’m used to tiny trailers you have to share with other actors.

Breakfast is on set — usually bran flakes, maybe with a banana, although on Fridays I treat myself to poached eggs on toast. After that it’s make-up for an hour, a couple of rehearsals, then we’re filming. Once you get down to work, it’s like a military operation. We work an 11-day fortnight, for just over nine months — it’s like a pregnancy.

Before I got the part of Amy, I’d seen Doctor Who but I wasn’t really a follower of the show. My mum is obsessed with it — and she was blown away when I got it. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t daunted about taking the role on. The show’s got so many fans who feel quite protective over it. Every time I pick up a script I’m like: “Oh my God, how am I going to do that?” Amy’s a human girl who’s experiencing the most mind-blowing alien things. There’s always a moment when you think: “This is going to take some serious acting to make it truthful.”

According to my dad, when I was little I pointed at some programme on the TV and said: “I wanna do that!” But I don’t believe him — I think that’s one of those stories parents make up. My dad’s really into music, so growing up I was subjected to his singing and became a fan of people like Ella Fitzgerald and Elvis. From there I got interested in the arts and started attending singing and drama classes in Inverness, where I grew up. I don’t have brothers and sisters, so when my parents bought me a video camera, I’d force my friends to make weird horror films. But I was never an attention-seeking kid. I was painfully shy. I still have really bad stage fright.

At 16 I auditioned for Rada, even though you’re not meant to if you’re under 18. It didn’t go well, but Italia Conti offered me a place soon after.

My recall for the part of Amy at BBC Television Centre was the scariest experience of my life. You’re trying not to want the part — you know it’s going to be too heartbreaking if you don’t get it. I remember being really cold but sweating, walking down this corridor to the audition room, thinking: “I’m walking to my doom.” Matt [Smith, the new Doctor] and I had to read together and we seemed to combust at the same time. When my agent called, there wasn’t even a discussion of whether I wanted it, just “You got it!” and then lots of screaming.

It feels incredibly normal to be on the Tardis now. It sort of feels like home, because we’re in there so much. Matt has worked out what every single little twiddly bit on the console does and explains it to me, although I can never remember.

Lunch is 1 o’clock for an hour, so it’s straight to the catering truck to get some sort of meat and potatoes, then I fill my plate with salad. I don’t take my phone on set, but in any spare time I make phone calls, family first, then friends, then I text everyone I’ve forgotten to reply to.

I’ve got a membership to a gym near my house, but I’ve only been twice, so I’m now trying to go on my days off. I hate it, but I like sitting in Jacuzzis, so it’s a compromise. I’m more of a shopper. I’m scouting the vintage shops all the time. I never really buy expensive items — I’ve got so many cheap clothes falling out of my wardrobe and I just keep buying more. I live on my own, so I can be messy. My Chanel bag is my one extravagant buy. I went to treat myself when I got the part, but she doesn’t come out much. I keep her locked away in case I lose her.

Dinner is a sandwich and a packet of crisps from Tesco. Matt and I do this nearly every day. He always has egg and cress and I go for deep-filled ham, cheese and pickle. He gets recognised everywhere he goes, but I’m pretty anonymous at the moment. People have started sending me pictures of myself, though. It’s quite weird when you open a letter and see your face.

Seven o’clock is usually when we wrap. When I get home I watch Friends because nothing much else is on at that time, then set about learning my lines for tomorrow. It’s not just normal lines either, it’s all this scientific lingo, which is kind of gibberish, so it’s quite hard. These days I can’t remember obvious things like people’s names, because my brain is filled with lines.

At the moment I’m reading The Time Traveler’s Wife, but I haven’t got very far. Someone told me you remember things better if you go over them just before you sleep. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s stuck with me. I give my lines a last read-through, then I’m asleep.

The new series of Doctor Who begins next weekend on BBC1


It’s Doctor Who ‘right enuff’

Inverness actress brings inverness twang to tv show in new role.

Read more:

WHO'S GIRL'S MAN - Sunday Mirror.


Fox confirms '24' cancellation

Digital spy

Mr E - 24 has indeedy been awesome, but I also think it is time to call it a day. (see what I did there... call it a day, 24 hrs! *cough* ok, not clever!)

Happy Birthday GDL, 29 today!

28th March.

A Real Police Box compared to a 1963 TARDIS and a 2010 TARDIS

In a gloomy street stands a Metropolitan Police Box. Then next to it appears a TARDIS of the correct size and shape for the First Doctor. Another TARDIS arrives - that of the Eleventh Doctor!


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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Doctor Who - The Eleventh Hour [Opening Scene]

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The opening scene of The Eleventh Hour

The opening scene of The Eleventh Hour will be available on the Official Doctor Who website on Saturday, 27th March at 18.25.

Well Well Well

"What a mind, you fool me everytime, WELL, almost every time, WELL, once or twice, WELL, once, but it was a good once."

David who?!?

Going to Zzz tonight thinking... David who?!? (ducks out of the way from all the fangirls!)

Exclusive clip – Starring William Hartnell

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Series 5 Extended trailer…


Thursday, 25 March 2010



David Tennant on Set Of Single Father

Suranne Jones (Five Days, Unforgiven) will star alongside David Tennant (Doctor Who) in Single Father, a new four-part drama for BBC One made by Red Production Company through BBC Scotland, which started filming in Glasgow this week.

Written by Mick Ford (Ashes To Ashes, William And Mary), Single Father is a touching yet humorous drama which tells the story of Dave (David Tennant), a photographer facing the seemingly impossible job of bringing up four kids alone after the sudden death of his wife, Rita.

Things get even more complicated when he begins to fall in love with his wife's best friend, Sarah (played by Suranne Jones). Single Father asks how soon is too soon to fall in love again?

Source: 'David Tennant' Facebook group.


Dr Who has changed again and so has his assistant. Even the Tardis has acquired bells and whistles. What next? K9 metamorphosed into a cat?

I wish them every success in whatever worlds they travel but I have seen each Doctor and none has done it quite like Patrick Troughton did it.

He was a memorable Saint Paul as well and a convincing schoolmaster in Dr Finlay’s Casebook.


Mr E - I love you Widdy! :-)

Happy Birthday to the late great Patrick Troughton.



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