Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Wedding INVITE - the filming of the SJ wedding

DATE: Wednesday 27 May 2009.
LOCATION: Bridgend, Wales.

It's 10am at Court Colman Manor Hotel and DWA is lucky enough to be watching the filming of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith. It's raining heavily, but powerful lights outside the hotel windows make it seem like it's a sunny day!

Today's scenes involve Sarah Jane, her friends, K-9, and an extra special guest - the Doctor, played by David Tennant. It's Sarah Jane's wedding, so you might expect it to be a happy event - but judging by the noise and running around, it seems as though something is going very wrong! It definitely looks like an exciting episode though!

The Doctor's jacket doesn't have big pockets! One of the scenes has the Doctor using a loud rattle and actor David Tennant has to pretend to put it in his pocket. When he does, it drops noisily to the floor! Crash!

K-9 secrets!
John Leeson, who is the voice of K-9 isn't on location with the other actors. He records his part much later, so someone else reads the lines of the robot dog. It sounds very different!
Source: DWA. Issue 139.

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