Friday, 30 October 2009

Waters of Mars Previews

Ten 'Waters of Mars' teasers


Digital Spy:

The Doctor: "It's taken me all these years to realise *** **** ** **** *** **** - and they **** **** **."

Sentence may be: Its taken me all these years to realise how many of them are left - and they don't need me (If this is right, is it a reference to the Time Lords?)*

* Life, Doctor Who & Combom


Ben Cook - Twitter

Ben Cook on Twitter:

"The Waters of Mars = the most grown-up episode of Dr Who ever?"

"Alex Kingston *is* playing R Song in Series 5 (BC: "Is she the Dr's wife?" SM: "Not telling!" BC: "But it's implied." SM: "Inferred!")..."

"Steven described Matt's Dr as "the best yet", but ruled out a multi-Dr ep for the time being at least..."

Girl Number 9: first look at episode 1

Den of geek
Girl Number 9: first look at episode 1:

It's dark. It's earthy. It's foul-mouthed. And, on the evidence of its opening instalment, it's set to be an interesting week ahead following Girl Number 9. It's the latest project from the pen of Doctor Who, Torchwood and Severance scribe James Moran, who this time has turned his talents to a web thriller. Filmed on a tight budget and released online across six five minute episodes, Girl Number 9's first episode is to be found at (at least from 9pm tonight!)


Tennant is jealous of new Dr Who

Tennant is jealous of new Dr Who:
"It's a bit like being President of the United States, I think you always get to be called the Doctor."

David Tennant Interview On 5Live

David Interview On 5Live

David did an interview with Radio 5Live this morning you can download an MP3 of it by visiting:

lizo_mzimba on Twitter watching Waters of Mars

"First scene of next special will be shown at Children In Need. Which is 3 minutes of the Doctor arriving on the Ood sphere."

"Audience here quite shell shocked by the intensity."

"Very emotional and scary. New territory for The Doctor."

"Wow. Great episode. And fab new End of Time trailer."

"Just about to watch Waters of Mars. Sitting directly behind David Tennant and Russell T. Davies."

New Dr Who hailed as 'the best'

GMTV - David Tennant - Waters of Mars

David Tennant has just informed that Waters of Mars will air on Sunday 15 November at 7pm.
Tennant also said that the final Doctor Who scene he filmed was wire work (he filmed the wedding for SJS after finishing on Who) and again he denied movie rumours.

Fresh 'Doctor Who': Waters of Mars pics

Digital Spy:

Thursday, 29 October 2009

What Torchwood's Ianto did next

Digital Spy:

Facebook group: Doctor Who Autographs

Totters recommends this fabulous Facebook group, it's a friendly and fun group run by Tom Lyden and team.

David Tennant on The Graham Norton Show

The BBC Press Office has confirmed that Tenth Doctor actor David Tennant will be a guest on The Graham Norton Show on Monday 9th November.
Not only is this great news in itself, but it’s also yet more evidence to suggest that the next Doctor Who episode, The Waters of Mars, will be broadcast on Saturday 14th November. It’s likely that the BBC One chatshow will be David’s first media appearance of a week-long promotional frenzy!
Don’t miss David’s appearance on The Graham Norton Show, on Monday November 9th at 10:35PM on BBC1! He previously appeared on the show back in 2007 to promote the launch of the third series.


BBC Breakfast - Elisabeth Sladen and Russell T Davies (29/10/09)

BBC Breakfast - Elisabeth Sladen and Russell T Davies (29/10/09):
(Thanks to John Smith for the link).
Tomorrow (30/10/09) at 9:15am on Five:
The Wright Stuff
Actor Elisabeth Sladen, star of The Sarah Jane Adventures, joins Matthew Wright and panellists Gemma Bissix and Hardeep Singh Kohli for topical discussion.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Photos of David Tennant at the 'Glorious 39' premier...

Photos of David Tennant at the 'Glorious 39' premier.
Tennant appeared at the film's premier at the London Film Festival on Tuesday night.


Starring Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton
A full cast audio drama written by Alan Barnes

Starring Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith
A full cast audio drama written by Eddie Robson

A fourth Doctor story performed by Lalla Ward

Galaxy 4 - Katy Manning & Terrance Dicks signing

Galaxy 4 - Katy Manning & Terrance Dicks signing:As a tribute to BARRY LETTS, companion KATY MANNING and writer / script editor TERRANCE DICKS will be visiting the GALAXY FOUR store on SATURDAY 14th NOVEMBER to sign copies of BARRY'S new autobiography WHO AND ME.
The new book, released by Fantom Publishing, will be available in softcover and includes material not included in the audio version. Katy and Terrance will be signing between 12 noon and 2pm. Entry is by purchase of the book - two personal items will also be signed (one by Katy, one by Terrance) for every book purchased. If you can't make it on the day, you can pre-order a SIGNED copy of WHO AND ME for £10.99.

Galaxy 4 - MEET THE NEW K-9

K-9 creator and writer BOB BAKER will be visiting GALAXY FOUR with co-writer PAUL TAMS and the new K-9 prop from 12 noon on SATURDAY 28th NOVEMBER to meet fans and sign autographs.

Wedding INVITE - the filming of the SJ wedding

DATE: Wednesday 27 May 2009.
LOCATION: Bridgend, Wales.

It's 10am at Court Colman Manor Hotel and DWA is lucky enough to be watching the filming of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith. It's raining heavily, but powerful lights outside the hotel windows make it seem like it's a sunny day!

Today's scenes involve Sarah Jane, her friends, K-9, and an extra special guest - the Doctor, played by David Tennant. It's Sarah Jane's wedding, so you might expect it to be a happy event - but judging by the noise and running around, it seems as though something is going very wrong! It definitely looks like an exciting episode though!

The Doctor's jacket doesn't have big pockets! One of the scenes has the Doctor using a loud rattle and actor David Tennant has to pretend to put it in his pocket. When he does, it drops noisily to the floor! Crash!

K-9 secrets!
John Leeson, who is the voice of K-9 isn't on location with the other actors. He records his part much later, so someone else reads the lines of the robot dog. It sounds very different!
Source: DWA. Issue 139.

Billie’s pram and proper...

BILLIE Piper goes back in time to the prim and proper 1950s filming a new love drama.
The ex-Dr Who girl - famous as hooker Belle de Jour in Secret Diaries of a Call Girl - plays Betty, who has an affair with a Polish neighbour in BBC1 show A Passionate Woman.
The drama follows Betty as she deals with the consequences of her fling 30 years later - when she is played by Waking the Dead's Sue Johnston. It will be screened next year.
Source: The Sun.

Happy Birthday Matt Smith! (28th October)

28 October 1982 - this was the day that the Time Lord was born :)
Totters wishes Doctor 11 Matt Smith a very Happy Birthday indeedy!
Mr Smith is 27 today, and is spending the day in South Wales filming the next series of Doctor Who alongside GGG, who will be playing the Doctor’s companion, Amy Pond.


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

David Tennant Hosts Masterpiece Contemporary - Endgame (25 October 2009)

David Tennant hosts Endgame on the Fall 2009 Season premiere of Masterpiece Contemporary on PBS. 25 October 2009 (Week 1).
David Tennant Behind-the-Scenes Video:

Exclusive sneak peek at Disney XD K9!!!!

Here's an exclusive sneak peek of K9 before the full episode airs on Disney XD this Saturday at 6pm! Don't miss it! Sky Channel 607, Virgin 707.

Soldiers bid to top the charts...

This is not Doctor Who related but I still wanted to post it:
Soldiers bid to top the charts...
A band of soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan have released their debut album, Coming Home, to raise money for army charities. The trio, known simply as The Soldiers, recorded the tracks during breaks in their duties.

Tues 27 Oct 2009 - Meet 'Ianto' in London TODAY!

Gareth David-Lloyd will be appearing at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London TODAY (Tuesday 27th October 2009) from 5:30 - 6:30pm to help launch the web series Girl Number 9.
Girl Number 9:

Doctor Who: The Ten Doctors - Part 2 Teaser Trailer by Babelcolour

Doctor Who: The Ten Doctors - Part 2 Teaser Trailer by Babelcolour:
Babelcolour has this to say:
It's coming. Soon. In widescreen. Part Two of my 10 Doctors adventure!It's bigger. It's bolder. It's a lot more action-packed. A lot more exciting! Can the Doctors retrieve their first incarnation? Can the Universe wait for their adventure to continue?
Part One can be seen here:

Monday, 26 October 2009


This is the latest from 'ANDY'S ART: DOCTOR WHO' on Facebook.
Isn't it marvellous?... Well done Andy! :-)
If you use Facebook then make sure you are a fan of this page!
Here is the link:

Sarah Jane Adventures - Nigel Havers on GMTV - 26 October 2009

Sarah Jane Adventures - Nigel Havers on GMTV - 26 October 2009
Nigel Havers (Peter Dalton)

Watch Doctor Who's Grumpy Ginger Girl (GGG) Karen Gillan in 'The Well'

Episode One - 'She's Coming'
Whilst helping with a house renovation to make money for a summer trip a group of friends, Beth, Luis, Ivan and Coll discover a hidden cellar, which contains an ancient well. When Ivan climbs down the well to retrieve some stones which had fallen in to the murky water, he finds himself picking up more than just stones...
Episode Two - 'The Hag'
Ivan returns home to a nasty surprise, but is it real or just a bad dream? Coll discovers the ancient origins of the stones recovered from the well and Beth is drawn back to the house only to find it much different than she remembered...

Tommy Knight and Anjili Mohindra of Sarah Jane Adventures Talk Doctor Who (VIDEO)

Tommy Knight and Anjili Mohindra of Sarah Jane Adventures Talk Doctor Who (VIDEO):
Tommy Knight (Luke) and Anjili Mohindra (Roni) of the Sarah Jane Adventures were among those on hand at Liverpool's Odeon Cinema for a special showing of the Sarah Jane Adventures there. This video above was shot at the event by LiverpoolEchoTV includes Tommy and Anjili talking about David Tennant and how to defeat Daleks.

The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Part 2 review

PLEASE NOTE: This review contains slight spoilers (if you have been remaining completely free of them) - this episode will be broadcast on BBC One, Friday 30th October.
Part Two Review:
Here is Part One Review:

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Doctor Who Pudsey Bears

Doctor Who Pudsey Bears:
(Thanks to John Smith for the link).

'Doctor Who's hammiest ever villains (Digital Spy)

No other Blogs seem to have posted this yet... stick with Totters for all the latest Who news! ;)
Doctor Who's hammiest ever villains:

Sat 24 October 2009: Doctor Who filming continues (St Gwynno's Church)

Tick Tock (UK)

Sunday 25 October 2009:
Don't forget to put your clocks BACK an hour today... 2am becomes 1am on Sunday morning...
What will you do with the extra hour?!
- Watch a Doctor Who DVD?
- Read a Doctor Who book?
- Or spend the hour looking around your neighbourhood for the TARDIS, it has to come for you one day, right?! ;)

Saturday, 24 October 2009

*SPOILERS* Notes on David Tennant's 'Sarah Jane' stint

It's the moment we've all been waiting for: David Tennant's appearance in The Sarah Jane Adventures! The two-part story, 'The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith', airs next Thursday and Friday on BBC One, but for now, here are ten teasers on what to expect:

1. DT is technically in both episodes, but he doesn't appear right until the end of the first one. His opening words? "Stop this wedding now!"

2. Ahh yes, the wedding. Sarah Jane is getting married! To Nigel Havers. Erm, correction: a businessman called Peter Dalton who is played by Nigel Havers.

3. Yes, their relationship moves quickly - although there is a lot of use of things like "one week later".

4. But that aside, there's definitely something untoward going on here. Who's to blame? Why, it's Sarah Jane's old friend The Trickster!

5. When The Doctor shows up, he's quickly parted from Sarah Jane (and the TARDIS). He's got the kids to help him out, though.

6. The Doctor says two of his standard catchphrases: "Allons-y" and "I'm so sorry."

7. The Doctor is referred to as "the man of ice and fire" and is told that "the gate is waiting for you".

8. One of the kids receives a massive shock. Literally.

9. Words are nice, but here's a couple of exclusive pictures from the episodes: (see above).

10. The story ends with an exchange between Sarah Jane and The Doctor that provoked tears here at DS Towers. And she has a final line that we'll all be thinking around Christmas time: "No-one's **** ***** ** ****** ***."
Combom Blog suggest this line could be "No-one's ever going to defeat you".
Or is it 'No-one's ever going to FORGET you".

Source: Digital Spy.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

New poster from Glorious 39 featuring David Tennant

The new poster from Glorious 39 featuring David Tennant is above. The film opens on 20 November 2009 in the UK.

Happy Birthday to Sir Derek Jacobi

Thurs 22 October 2009:
Happy Birthday to Sir Derek Jacobi who played Prof. Yana/The Master in Utopia.
(TARDIS Newsroom).


Totters group member Jamie Jones has very kindly posted a link in your Totters group which shows some real cool footage of the above.
The link you need is:
YouTube username: uleac
(Please Subscribe to uleac, and check out the other Who videos... thank you)
Jamie describes his video as...
As I am sure you will agree after viewing the above link, Jamie has done a marvellous job... well done sir, brilliant.

Torchwood star Gareth David-Lloyd will make a guest appearances in an episode of The Bill

GDL, who starred as the now-dead Ianto Jones in the Doctor Who spinoff, will appear as Jeremy Preston.
Source: Digital spy

Message from the Letts family

"Barry always had a warm respect for the fans of Dr Who. As Barry’s family, we would like to thank everyone for their good wishes on the websites and forums following the news that Barry had died. We have been very touched that the many messages and tributes show such an appreciation and understanding, both of his work and of the very kind and wise man that Barry was."

The Church in Llanwynno being used for Doctor Who filming (21 October 2009).

You can see the TARDIS under wraps here!

Photos of the Church where Doctor Who has been filming during the past couple of days.

Dalek at Cardiff Half Marathon (October 2009)


Was Doctor 11 wearing DT clothes or tweed at the Churchyard? (Wed 21 Oct 2009)

...Here is the answer! Tweed all the way!
Photo: Scooty.

An alien lurks in the graveyard (Wed 21 Oct 2009)

Photos: Scooty.
Scooty reports that it was a lady alien as it had breasts!

TARDIS at Church

Photos: Ahremsee
Wed 21 Oct at 13:42 -
Ahremsee posted the following on Gallifrey Base:
"Hi all, Just got back from a little lunchtime recky. Not much happening that can be seen from the roads around the church. The TARDIS is still under wraps by the front of the church at the top of the hill".

Chris Chibnall / Ashley Way

Photo: Chris Chibnall.
- Is the Churchyard scene part of a Chris Chibnall two parter?
- It is reported that Ashley Way was seen directing.