Friday, 9 October 2009

Photos continued...... (07/10/09)

Time Lord makes himself a cup of tea!
I noticed a couple of children flocking to the tent after Matt Smith had ran in there out of the rain. I thought I might be lucky enough to get a photo of him with the children... I wasn't stood near the tent so had to run over... managed to get this snap of the Doctor holding the milk!! It looks like he is smoking, but he isn't of course!.. Sorry the photo is a little blurred but only had seconds to take it... arrgghhh!

Ethan Grubb.
I think a Doctor Who fan has arrived!.. Matt Smith waved at him inbetween takes, when he was jogging from recording the sonic scene to the undercover tent to make himself a cup ot tea! Some little children ran up to the tent, and he very quickly signed things for them... you could tell that he wasn't really comfortable signing anything... he is under orders to stay clear of fans me thinks!.. which is a shame as what is the harm of quickly greeting the fans and signing and posing for a few photos?
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Danny Hargreaves (Special Effects) chatting to Matt Smith about the sonic explosion!