Sunday, 29 November 2009

BBC confirms 'Doctor Who' scheduling

David Tennant's final two episodes of Doctor Who will air on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, the BBC has confirmed.

Provisional schedules for the Christmas period will see 'The End Of Time, Part One' air from 7.30pm to 8.30pm on BBC One on Christmas Day, sandwiched between episodes of EastEnders.

'The End Of Time, Part Two', in which Tennant's Doctor will regenerate into a new incarnation played by Matt Smith, will air on New Year's Day. The hour-long episode will go out at 7.30pm, again sandwiched between episodes of EastEnders and also ahead of the last ever episode of Gavin & Stacey.

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Dan's Media Digest

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MERLIN 2.10 - "Sweet Dreams"


Friday, 27 November 2009

Christopher Eccleston to play John Lennon in BBC4 drama


Just read on Twitter...

- David Tennant will appear on Blue Peter on 15th December?

- The former Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston is to play John Lennon in a new BBC4 drama?

On this day in...1935 - Verity Lambert born.

(Thanks to TARDIS Newsroom).

TARDIS Newsroom:

Gavin & Stacey (Series 3) has started - WOOHOO!

Series 3 of Gavin & Stacey started on BBC1 last night.
Did you watch it? If not, get yourself over to BBC iPlayer... it's hilarious!

Gavin starts his new job in Cardiff and Stacey is thrilled to be at home again. Smithy comes to terms with life in Essex without his best mate, while Nessa is adjusting to life in Dave's caravan down in Sully.

The weekend brings with it a big reunion, as everyone meets up for the christening of Neil the baby. How will Smithy react to news from Nessa that it is a double celebration, and what will Gavin's answer be to Stacey's request?

Doctor Who - All I Want for Christmas

A tribute to the tenth Doctor.

Doctor Justin Who? Doctor Amy Who? Videos

The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson - S1 Ep4 Preview - BBC One

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Who On Who? - BBC Radio 2 - 29 Dec 2009.

Who On Who?
Tuesday 29 December
5.00-6.00pm BBC RADIO 2

In an exclusive interview for BBC Radio 2, actor David Tennant talks to Doctor Who executive producer and show-runner Russell T Davies in a special programme broadcast just days before the Time Lord's latest regeneration.

Who On Who? marks the end of an era in the history of Doctor Who. In this programme Russell reveals whether he will write for the show in the future and his feelings about his successor on the series Steven Moffat. Russell also reveals the influences behind Doctor Who and why the success of the revamped series took the cast and creative team behind it by surprise.

He also reveals that he declined the BBC's original request for a series about a young Doctor studying at the Time Lord Academy. David Tennant also asks about Russell's plans for the future. They discuss why it's the right time for them both to leave the series and reveal that they made the decision to leave at roughly the same time.

"It just made sense and it's continued to make sense with hindsight," says Russell T Davies. "There's not been one moment where I've thought we've done the wrong thing."

David Tennant agrees: "It feels like we've had the right amount of time to tell a great story."

In a programme featuring clips from the last five years of one of the BBC's most successful dramas, the pair also consider how the television industry has changed in that time and the ever-changing nature of the Saturday night television schedule.

Presenter/David Tennant, Producer/Malcolm Prince*

*BBC Press Office

Dreamland - All 6 Episodes

UK viewers can watch Episodes 1-6 here...


The fabulous Dreamland full length feature will be broadcast on CBBC on BBC TWO on Saturday 5 December from 10-10.45am.

'Sarah Jane's Third Season: The Verdict

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Ken Russell: my friend Bernard Cribbins

Tennant will be watching new Doctor Who

Rob Shearman interview: his brand new book, writing Doctor Who and resurrecting the Daleks


Toy Story 3: a brand new trailer!

Watch the new trailer here...

It looks awesome, right? :-)

'Doctor Who' producer heads for 'Corrie'?


(Thanks to Jamie Jones).

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

This makes an awesome Christmas prezzie! - 'Wiffle Lever To Full!'

Facebook page:

This wonderful book was recently sent to me by a very kind friend, and I am throughly enjoying reading it... it would make a fab Christmas prezzie! (to yourself, and others!)

As the author Mr Bob Fischer says "'s an ideal gift for the loveable, science-fiction-loving geek in your life. I'm happy to draw pictures of anything in them, or sign and dedicated them to anyone you like! That's the personal touch, that is. I do them in the afternoons while I'm watching 'Doctors'. I reckon I can do them for £8 including p&p, which is actually less than the £8.99 RRP - come on, I'm cutting my own throat here! So if anyone you know (or even just you!) would like a funny little book about being a Doctor Who, Star Wars, Red Dwarf, Prisoner (etc etc) fan, then feel free to drop me a line and we'll sort it out."

Get yourself (and friends) a copy NOW... you will be glad you did! :-)

[To all other Blog owners - please let your followers know about this book, it's such a cool read! Thank you]

'Not Just Dr Who' interviews 'Life, Doctor Who & Combom'

Not Just Dr Who

Life, Doctor Who & Combom

'Not Just Dr Who' blog has interviewed the man behind 'THE' Doctor Who blog 'Life, Doctor Who & Combom'.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four will be posted on the 'Not Just Dr Who' blog tomorrow.

John Barrowman on GMTV with Lorraine

Thanks to Naomi 'Dill Dough' Hall for the link.

David Tennant's Hamlet featured real human skull all along, admits RSC

Mr E - isn't this old news?

Still, here is the link:

Doctor Who: David Richardson interview

Den of geek

Paradox episode 1 review

Den of geek

Bernard Cribbins talks 'Who' return

Wired's top ten Doctor Who villains

Part ONE:
Part TWO:

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Doctor Who star Matt Smith in appeal for bone marrow donors


Inverness cousins team up for major roles in next Dr Who

Caitlin Blackwood settles in to life in the studio.

Doctor Who: brand new picture from The End Of Time

DEN OF GEEK posted the above photo.

St Trinian's 2 - The Legend of Fritton's Gold TRAILER

CLICK HERE to see the trailer for St Trinian's 2 starring David Tennant :

Doctor Who Christmas Story

Thanks to Jamie Jones.

David Tennant to star in Doctor Who, Hamlet and Buzzcocks on the BBC this Christmas


Tidy chat for Nessa - RTD drops in!


David Tennant to read bedtime stories


The Toymaker

The evil Toymaker amused himself as his prisoners tried to survive his deadly games and traps.

The Monk

The Monk was a meddler in time, the first of many rogue Time Lords the Doctor would meet on his travels.


Officially known as a 'Type 40 TT capsule' the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) doesn't actually belong to the Doctor! When he ran away from Gallifrey, he stole an old ship that was in for repair and virtually obsolete. This might explain why the Doctor can't always control it, and why its chameleon circuit - which is suppose to change the ship's outward shape to blend into its surroundings - doesn't work any more!

Second Doctor - Say What?

On his regeneration:
"Life depends on change and renewal".

On technology:
"I hate computers and refuse to be bullied by them!"

To his companions:
"When I say run, run... run!"

To the Ice Warriors:
"If you kill me your leader will be very angry... I'm a genius!"

To the Third Doctor:
"Goodbye... Fancypants!"

The First Doctor

Travelling with his granddaughter, this Doctor was gruff and grumpy, but he fought lots of monsters until he faced the Cybermen...