Thursday, 22 October 2009

The New TARDIS Interior (thanks to Scooty)

This photo shows how it will appear on screen.

The Who team were filming at a Churchyard last night (Wed 21 Oct 2009) and Scooty took this photo!.. Great work mister!
At 11:29pm Scooty posted this message on Gallifrey Base:
"Right, this is gonna be brief as its getting late now and work beckons in the morning, but to put you all out of your misery here is the TARDIS interior as we saw it on location. We all couldn't believe it when we saw it there, at the front gates of the Churchyard, in plain site of the dozens of people watching - the crew didn't seem to bat an eyelid that we could see it..."


Gavros said...


Guess someone is gonna get there wrists slapped a lil bit,

Nice to see though,
Well done Guys

76 TOTTERS LANE said...

It is really cool to see it, damn right mister! :-) I'm loving the stairs!