Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Posts from Twitter about Doctor Who filming 05/10/09

From @simon_watkins - Leadworth Fire Brigade http://yfrog.com/9gv9dj
From @simon_watkins - In the duckpond scene, it looked like The Doctor was suffering from some sort of post regeneration trauma. Lots of jerky spasms.
From @alun_vega - From overheard dialogue, the Doctor running to the icecream van may be a result of "weird food cravings". Post-regeneration trauma?
From @alun_vega - Extras seem to be frozen in place on the green, holding their mobiles out as if taking a picture. Reminds me of Rise Of The Cybermen.
From @alun_vega - The Ten suit is looking worse for wear. The shirt has lots of small rips and black streaks, as if Ten was caught in an explosion.