Thursday, 5 August 2010

Telegraph - Ronald Harwood applauds Jonathan Miller

Ronald Harwood says Jonathan Miller has a point about West End celebrity casting.


Totters Jamie Jones response...

Well I disagree with them. The only reason why they're moaning about celebrity casting is because it brings the working class into the theatres but surely the point is to get more people from all walks of life interested in the theatre instead of it being something that only the middle and upper class do. Both Jonathan and Ronald sound like they have their heads so far up their arses that they need a torch to see where they are going! Having David Tennant as Hamlet puts bums on seats which then makes money which supports the theatre and other productions. Hardly rocket science.

Well said Jamie :-)


Timelord President said...

Well said. He wasn't only cast because he was "the bloke from Doctor Who". Anyone who does a bit of research will know that he's done lots of theatre before taking the role. How dare they start on David Tennant! :D

Timelord President said...

They can complain when Katie Price or Kerry Katona are in a production!

76 TOTTERS LANE said...

Haha! yes! :-)