Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Doctor Who Adventures, Issue 181: MONSTER LAUGHS - These jokes are just what the Doctor ordered!

Why did the Silurian try to swallow a jumper?

How do Slitheen celebrate getting a year older?
They have a birthday FARTY!

Why does the Doctor never look scared?
He always likes to put on a brave FEZ!

Which Doctor Who episode is most popular during Wimbledon?
The Vampires of TENNIS!

Which of the Doctor's friends is useful on a rainy day?
Tony MACK!

What do you get if you cross Amy and an Ood?

Which painter suffered from sore throats?
Vincent Van COUGH!

Why were Amy and the Doctor sad to leave Starship UK?
Because they had a WHALE of a time!

What is Francesco's favourite dance?
The FANG-dango!

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