Saturday, 21 August 2010

Doctor Who - RICHARD MACE - The Visitation

Richard Mace.
"There is nothing primitive about me, sir".
Episode watch - The Visitation.
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Species: Human
Doctor: Fifth
Origin: 17th-century Earth
Tech: Two primitive pistols
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This 17th-century highwayman helped uncover an alien plot to wipe out human life on Earth.
Gentleman of the road: The theatrical Mace was as charming as he was brave and made a great impression on the TARDIS crew.
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The Doctor turned this actor's life upside-down, but Mace bravely helped to defeat the Terileptils.
HEROES OF HISTORY: Mace and the Doctor averted a disaster even bigger than the Black Death!
FISHY FOE: The Terileptils resembled giant fish!
--- --- ---
After unwittingly starting the Great Fire of London, the Doctor said farewell to his new friend who realised the Time Lord's pace of life was just too fast and dangerous.*

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