Wednesday, 9 December 2009


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RTD mentions:
- Scene 12 of Episode 4.17
Somone asks the Doctor "The woman in the cage, who is she?"
- Scene 11 of The End of Time, Part Two is set in China. (But filmed in Wales).
- A scene 9 set in Geneva. It's global this story, and then some! In fact the very first shot starts on the moon...
- Donna's friend is called Sally
- 'The End of Time Part One' was going to be called 'The Final Days of Planet Earth'
- RTD says DWM is 'the best magazine in the world'!
- RTD: "It's the end. But the carrot juice has been fantastic. And so was I."

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Farsighted said...

think you could rescan RTD's production notes, I can't make much out of it. We won't get it in the US for quite a while...