Monday, 21 December 2009

Sprout of this world!

WHILE Brussels sprout-hating kiddies around the country cry EXT-URGH!-MINATE! at the Christmas dinner table, Doctor Who will be facing a different kind of little green terror.
These are the Vinvocci, aliens who look a lot like a certain festive veggie.

The shape-shifters pop up - or GERMINATE! - in episode one of a two-parter of the BBC hit on Christmas Day.

The seasonal special, which concludes on New Year's Day, also sees the Doc's arch nemesis The Master make an appearance.

He's played by John Simm, who will battle David Tennant, acting out his final scenes as the Doctor before being replaced by Matt Smith.

The pair fight it out from the "wastelands" of London to the mysterious Immortality Gate as they struggle to cheat death.

All in all, it looks like veg of yer seat stuff.

(News of the World 19/12/2009)

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