Sunday, 27 December 2009

A big boo for Doctor Who

By Kevin O'Sullivan, Daily Mirror:

We're nearing the Apocalypse, the end of time is near… and The Master has returned from the dead wearing a hoodie. Give him an ASBO.

This terribly twisted Time Lord is ­determined to achieve world ­domination. But after the appalling way he ate his turkey, I think he should work on his table manners first.

Hey Mr Master… no one’s going to listen to you if you can’t use a knife and fork.

Is it me… or was ­Doctor Who’s Christmas ­excursion a pile of ­pretentious cobblers?

Actooors with deep voices booming ­verbose garbage like: “A shadow is falling over ­civilization… something vast is stirring in the night.” Ooh-er ducky!

Anyway, with David Tennant’s last exit looming, those guys with entrail beards called The Ood seem convinced the clock is ticking for mankind.

And, shamelessly hamming it up as the mad Master, John Simm keeps leaping ­thousands of feet into the air. How come the Doctor can’t do that?

But this nonsense is not for normal ­people.

Nerds only.


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shawnlunn2002 said...

I like Sullivan but often his taste in TV leaves nothing to be desired for and I'd preferred a more balanced opinion on The End Of Time.