Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Trevor Eve blasts BBC over Doctor Who

Actor Trevor Eve, who is appearing in ITV’s remake of Bouquet of Barbed Wire, has blasted the BBC for concentrating too heavily on Doctor Who and similar shows. The actor plays DCI Boyd in the crime series Waking the Dead on BBC One which has been commissioned for another series to air next year - reportedly its last. The actor has blasted the corporation though in an interview with The Sunday Times over its interest in Doctor Who.

"All they are interested in are spinoffs from Doctor Who and shows similar to Doctor Who, like Sherlock. It's fine as far as it goes, but Doctor Who is a 40-year-old children's programme” Trevor Eve quoted in The Sunday Times.

Doctor Who and its two spin-offs, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood, are big ratings winners for the BBC in the UK but also abroad with strong international sales. The strength of Torchwood abroad has lead to American broadcaster Starz co-producing the next series of the spin-off, Torchwood: The New World. The actor’s comments are sure to anger fans of the Doctor Who franchise who’ll be quick to point out the series is NOT a children’s programme; it’s a family drama.

Trevor Eve stars in ITV’s remake of Bouquet of Barbed Wire which launches tonight on ITV1 and is also due to appear in the forthcoming drama Kidnap and Ransom.
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