Wednesday, 8 September 2010

BBC Strictly Come Dancing - Contestants

Gavin Henson
Mr Charlotte Church, Mr I have muscles, Mr Fake Tan, Mr I am heartbroken since split, etc! Handsome fella, should be interesting to watch, and could be a winner if the women and gays get behind him, erm... so to speak! ;-) Good luck Gavin!
Paul Daniels
I have never liked this man, he's a bit of a tit, right? Isn't he known for not liking children? and yet he is a magician... enough said. Knob. First out? - we can only but hope!
Michelle Williams
Who? One third of pop group Destiny's Child I am told, oh right... ok! Should be good at dancing then, you would think. Good luck Mrs I have an unfair advantage!
Kara Tointon
Who? Ahh right, ok... I had to Google her! It's Dawn off EastEnders! She recently spilt from Joe Swash (I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here winner)... A bit of a filler contestant if you ask me. I'm sure she will be pleased to be away from the doom and gloom of life on Albert Square!
Tina O'Brien
Who? Coronation Street I'm told... ahh well, don't know, don't care... next......
Felicity Kendal
This glamorous granny should do well! Good luck to one of Britain's favourite actresses!
Ann Widdecombe
Another John Sergeant? Yes! but it's going to be funny! I love Ann as she is a little bit nuts! Ann to win I say! YAY! ;-)
Peter Shilton
WOOHOO! Englands No 1 (football)... will he be as good on the dancefloor as he was between the posts? Probably not, but who cares!
Patsy Kensit
Mrs I love a good wedding! Mrs Holby City... looking great at 42, good luck Mrs Botox face! (I'm only jealous because she can afford it!!)
Matt Baker
Oh, hello handsome man (Mr Blue Peter)... Winner! :P Simples!!
Scott Maslen
Yawn Zzz actor EastEnders...
Pamela Stephenson
Who? Can't be arsed finding out.
Wally who has already been on Celebrity Big Brother... don't like, but have a feeling he's going to be cool enough... for the first week or two, before he is sent packing!
Jimi Mistry
EastEnders (again!) and East is East actor... *sigh* Is this the best that the BBC could do?!

My favourites at this stage are Ann Widdecome, Peter Shilton and Gavin Henson... See you Saturday on BBC1 when the above celebrity clowns are partnered up with a dancer... I pity the fool who ends up with Ann Widdecombe!

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