Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Torchwood: Series 4, Episode 1... ;-)

Torchwood existed in Cardiff due to the rift which created a portal for aliens to crash onto Earth. Shifting the focus to America a new rift is discovered in Cardiff Hollywood. To assist Jack and the excellent Gwen stateside, Welsh lovelies Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones are roped in to track down Weavel grabbing gold-digger Catherine Zeta Jones who is in league with -and has married recurring alien 456. (456 we discover refers to the alien's age). Thanks to clever singing from Bassey and Tom Jones, Zeta Weavel is forced to spend all eternity with 456 sucking the life out of ropey chick-flicks whilst Jack overcome with the glitz of Hollywood splashes the cash and a lot else besides. Gwen missing the cuddly Reece is surprised by this so soon after Ianto being mushed but Tom assures her 'It's not unusual'.*

* deepbluepete.

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