Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Sun - Former girlfriend pages Dr Who

WHAT'S more frightening than Daleks? Well if you're Doctor Who star MATT SMITH, then it's your ex.

Brazilian punk rocker MAYANA MOURA's first book features a character who is based on her former lover and times they shared on the north London party scene.

A source said: "Mayana is working on a book. It's a semi-autobiographical novel. She and Matt kept in touch after the split, which was because she is in Rio and his work keeps him the UK.

"It was a passionate relationship. But since Matt met Daisy, they've broken off contact. She still has friends in London who are buzzing about her new work.

"It will show the hedonistic lifestyle the couple enjoyed, and he is trying to distance himself from that image."

When his appointment as the Doc was announced, Matt was often seen in Camden at the Monarch, and Caner HQ, The Hawley Arms.

But since falling for DAISY LOWE he has managed to stay off the radar.

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