Friday, 25 June 2010

DEN OF GEEK - Why has Doctor Who become a scheduling football?

The Eleventh Hour: 6.25pm
The Beast Below: 6.15pm
Victory Of The Daleks: 6.30pm
The Time Of Angels: 6.20pm
Flesh and Stone: 6.25pm
Vampires Of Venice: 6.00pm
Amy's Choice: 6.25pm
The Hungry Earth: 6.15pm
Cold Blood: 7.00pm
Vincent and the Doctor: 6.40pm
The Lodger: 6.45pm
The Pandorica Opens: 6.40pm

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The Grumpy Cleric said...

I am afraid that Auntie is worried a vout "BGT" & the footie so "Who" has to move constantly the schedule.