Tuesday, 8 June 2010

It doesn't make any sense to me...

The return of Torchwood:

Ianto Jones

I read a few comments on Facebook last night where a number of people stated that they were not going to watch the new series (4) of Torchwood next year as it will not star Ianto Jones (GDL). Fine, you are entitled to watch or not watch what you want, of course... but please don't call yourself a Torchwood fan?! I mean, how can you be? you wouldn't abandon the show for this reason. You are a GDL fan, not a Torchwood fan. Besides, it is Gwen Cooper who is the heart of the show, and Captain Jack who is the star. Yes, Ianto Jones was a fab character, but he is dead, please deal with it! and besides his death was needed in COE. I'm sure there will be much to love about the new series when it airs, so don't be silly and stick with the best show on earth... well apart from Doctor Who of course!

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