Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Daisy Lowe goes for bespectacled boffins

This may come as a dubious compliment to her bow tie-wearing chum Matt Smith, the current Doctor Who, but Daisy Lowe admits that she has a weakness for 'nerdy' men.

"I still love geeks," says the 21-year-old model. "I think glasses are definitely cute, but I really like intelligent men. I need someone who can a) inspire me and b) that I can have interesting conversations with."

The daughter of the rock singer Pearl Lowe also tells Esquire that her relationship with Gavin Rossdale has improved since a DNA test confirmed that the musician was her father. "I now have a really good relationship with my father," she says. "It's been blossoming for the past year, but it really happened over Christmas when he was here for a month. We're working on being good mates."


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