Sunday, 23 May 2010

Mr grumpy fan face!..

Not everyone enjoyed last night's episode of Doctor Who!..


I found parts of this review funny... "[the Doctor] is dressed like he fell through a charity shop backwards, and the other… well, dressed like a stripper."

Good point - a reason (Rio) was given for Amy's belt...erm, I mean skirt... yet Amy was wearing a leather jacket?! (Doesn't really matter though, right?!)

Most reviews that I have read are critical of Meera Syal, but I thought she was fab in The Hungry Earth. Also thought the other guest actors were good too.

Whilst fair criticisms are made of the episode, I think the key is not to take the programme too seriously if at all possible. It is family entertainment, and if I may say so it does a great job at doing that. A lot of love obviously goes into making each and every episode of Doctor Who, as this weeks Confidential shows, and it is important to remember that.
I'm not saying don't call an episode crap if you think that it is, but try and have the above in the back of your mind perhaps?

Anyway!.. toodle-pip! :-)

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