Monday, 24 May 2010

Doctor Who: The Podcast That Never Ends with Ty Davies

Over to Ty Davies...

Welcome to Doctor Who: The Podcast That Never Ends with Ty Davies! A tribute to the legendary Timelord and his companions! Join me as we take a trip in time & space. Setting our co-ordinates to the era of Who from 2004 onwards but with a respectful nod to classic Who. "Do you want to come with me? Cause if you do.. I should warn you.. Your going to hear all sorts of things.. Ghosts from the past. Aliens from the future.. It want be quiet, it wont be safe & it wont be calm but I tell you what it will be.. A podcast of a lifetime!"

Episode One:
Here we go.. For the first trip in time & space! Join me as I fight dodgy microphones, scary editing software & enunciate with a booming Welsh accent.. as I take on my first podcast & I am delighted that your coming with me! Allons-Y!

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