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16 movie and TV moments to make a grown geek blub

Den Of Geek

Most of us have a TV or movie moment that brings tears (of emotion, not laughter) to the eyes. A selection of Den Of Geek writers confess to theirs right here...

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Hm? Specifically? Well just at least once a series in my case, really. If there's one thing the series has become adept at since 2005, it's tugging at the audience's heartstrings. Russell T Davies generally got his onion-slicing pen out especially while writing the series finales, and there are many moments of considerable emotional weight in all of the finales thus far. Okay, so the Ninth Doctor sacrificing his life for the woman who showed him how to live again was triumphant and almost joyous, but what about one series later, when Rose Tyler arrives on Bad Wolf Beach? What about the death of the Doctor-Donna? What about Wilfred Mott's utter heartbreak at having inadvertently caused the Tenth Doctor's death, when all he's tried to do for the last two episodes is save him?

If there's a prime example of the show's newfound capacity to make grown geeks tear up, it's in John Simm's Master choosing death just to get one over on the Doctor. Dying in his arms, the Master spitefully tells him that he's won because the Doctor is now totally alone and miserable. Think back to the 1980s. Would you be tearing up every single time Anthony Ainley discarded a silly disguise and ended up setting himself alight or turning into a walking cheetah? No, because he'll be back in a few episodes' time without it ever being mentioned again! The Master's death has weight here, and Davies is a genius at this.

If you think there'll be some respite in the new series under the control of the mighty Moff, think back to series four's Forest Of The Dead, in which Donna's imaginary children tell her they don't think they exist when she's not around. You know, for kids! - Mark Harrison

Two words for me on Doctor Who: Bernard Cribbins. I'm sure I'm not alone on this. -

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