Saturday, 24 April 2010

Guess Who's freaked out by ghosts..

As Dr Who's side kick, she takes on aliens, vampires and even Daleks, but Karen Gillan admits she is frightened - by GHOSTS.

Karen, 22, who plays Amy Pond in the cult BBC show, said: "My mother is adamant there are ghosts in our house, which hasn't helped me. She thinks we've got a 'presence'."

The flame-haired beauty from Inverness added: "If I am at home on my own I can get quite freaked out and need to look around every few seconds."

And TV newcomer Karen admits she was never a fan of Dr Who - until she got the plum role as Matt Smith's assistant.

She said: "Mum's a fan, but I wasn't. When I was younger I watched Star Trek: Voyager, but Doctor Who passed me by."

(Daily Mirror 23/04/10)

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