Tuesday, 20 April 2010

TOTTERS Facebook Group Member Simon Burnell

Many thanks to TOTTERS group member Simon Burnell for the new group/blog photo. I wonder how long the TARDIS sticker will remain!! Thank you sir, you are a true legend!

Over to Simon...
"I visited the Only Totters Lane in Britain (so I believe) today. Its a real quiet country lane.
I got quite excited as I approached it as I saw a Blue box in the distance (turned out to be a blue recycling bin)
Pictures of the road sign as promised.
as promised I stuck a TARDIS Sticker over the Hampshire County council Logo . Looks pretty good. Hopefully it will stay on for a long time.
I'll check up on it annually lol
Just up from the sign is what looks remarkably like a Junk Yard too. (What are the odds?)
I would have got closer but a big angry dog informed me that he'd rather I not come any closer thank you so very much."

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