Friday, 26 February 2010

Verse for Doctor Who

The licence fee pays for shows like Doctor Who.
But on watching the two-part Christmas special – what a to-do.

The Master of the universe, played superbly by John Simm.
He somehow got everyone on Earth to look like him.

Time Lord Timothy Dalton sure earned his fee with the line: "We will ascend to become creatures of consciousness alone when creation itself ceases to be."

This tiresome plot got more confusing by the way, with the inclusion of elfin-like creatures from the planet Gallifrey.

Oh yes, what a to-do.
Especially when an actress came on playing old Mother Who.

My favourite Daleks and Cybermen alas we saw no trace.
But the Oods were there to take their place.

David Tennant's line: "I don't want to go,"
is the last we shall hear from him on this show.

His hands shooting laser beams, and his head afire.
Welcome to the new Doctor Who.
So to Matt Smith, the latest incumbent, it's over to you.

Ken Johnson,
Mowbray Road,
South Shields.

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