Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Bye Bye Survivors... and don't come back! (*SPOILERS*)

Phew, thank goodness it is finally over... YES! YES! and YES!

I tuned in to BBC1 last night to watch the final episode of Series 2 Survivors (What was I thinking?!) hoping that it would be something special... I was very disappointed, yet not really all that surprised!
When Tom was shot by Peter in the woods... why didn't that man take the gun from Tom? He was also very quick to accept that Tom was dead. What utter nonsense.

The silly standoff at the airport was embarrasing to watch. Why do trained marksman always miss their target?.. I'm thinking of Greg (Paterson Joseph) dodging bullets here to duck behind the car. It's just so painful to watch! A blind monkey would have done a better job.

Also, at the end when Abby is reunited with Peter... her joy only lasts a few moments and then... well, erm... nothing. She should be smiling and hugging him more... make us believe that you are estatic at seeing your son.

After all, this whole 'I am looking for my son' bo**ocks has dragged on forever. Just one of the many moments where I felt shortchanged... well, I would if I gave a shit about the programme!

The last scene was cool enough, although I guessed that that is where Tom (Max Beesley) would be... on the plane... *yawn*...

Apparently there is to be no Series 3... bovvered? me?... I ain't even bovvered. As Catherine Tate's nana would say... WHAT A LOAD OF OLD SHIT!
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EDIT > Oopps! I have amended the above to read that Tom (and not Greg) was shot in the woods by Peter. Thank you to Lady L for kindly letting me know :-)


Combom said...

the abomination is over, now we can remember the original series again, as great tv!

Combom said...

didnt peter shoot someone important in the terry nation novel of the series *goes to find novel*, from memory, wasnt it his mother abby grant?

76 TOTTERS LANE said...

Haha! Well said Combom! :)

Yep, he shot his mother... I wish they all had got shot last night!!

No more survivors... thank the Lord.