Monday, 11 January 2010

Tonight - Mon 11 Jan 2010 - Law & Order: UK - ITV1 9pm

The British baby of Americas Law & Order franchise returns for a second series, with all the old faces including Freema Agyeman and Ben Daniels.

While it will never have the stylish grittiness of its US-based counterparts, there is some New York-style gun violence in the opening episode, plus armed police chasing down a suspect. Well, leaping out at one anyway.

DSs Ronnie Brooks (Bradley Walsh) and Matt Devlin (Jamie Bamber) investigate a shootout between two drug dealers, which left one baddie and one cop prematurely shuffling off this mortal coil.

When Ronnie and Matt get their hands on the living dealer,he says the other guy shot PC Nick Bentley and that while legging it from the scene he saw another police officer just standing there while Bentley bled to death.

Our guys are faced with the possibility a homophobic cop left his gay colleague to die.

While Ronnie says the claims warrant investigating, Matt cant believe a police officer would purposely leave a colleague to die. This aint the bleedin 70s, he declares. We aint knee-deep in corrupt coppers.

To my knowledge, we also aint in a decade where people use the word bleedin.

* Daily Mirror

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