Thursday, 7 January 2010

New Doctor Who Matt Smith lands in snow

SCOOTY can be seen in this photo taking some snaps himself! (in the middle).
New Doctor Who Matt Smith beat the snow, proving that nothing can stop a Timelord.

While the rest of Britain's was slipping and sliding around, Doctor Who's TARDIS was flying around as normal for the latest BBC series.

Matt, 26, and new sidekick Karen Gillan, 21, were busy filming on location in Cardiff despite the Welsh capital being covered by a white blanket.

A show insider said: "A bit of snow might stop mere humans but not the Doctor.

"Filming is on a tight schedule and has to keep on going regardless of the weather. Doctor Who can work around anything."

Smith is the eleventh BBC time lord and was filming a scene based in present day in Cardiff Bay.

Smith, who has taken over from David Tennant, was on location with flame-haired assistant Karen Gillan who play new sidekick Amy Pond.

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