Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Episode 2.1 - Survivors - Did you enjoy?

The opening episode was enjoyable enough, but I did find it getting on my tits a little at times... nothing new there then.

Greg (Doctor 11 anyone?!?) was injured and the rest of them went to a hospital to get the right treatment... arrive at hospital... hospital burning... two of them trapped... one dies... both rescued... the one that died is given a snog and is now alive... Zzz Zzz... Cheesy... pointless... I just didn't enjoy any of this part of the episode, it just didn't seem to advance things.

However, I did enjoy watching Abby... poor thing has been captured... and the men in white coats wanted to make her poorly again... Will she escape? (do you care?!)

And the stand off at the end between Greg and Tom... my knob is bigger than your knob scene... *yawn* Naughty boy Tom left the group.

The next episode is in 2 WEEKS... what the hell? Silly BBC. (Perhaps this is a good thing and everyone will stop watching!)

I really do dislike this programme as much as I like it... something keeps me watching it though!.. I need to break the spell!

One final thing... PLEASE, PLEASE and PLEASE make Chahak Patel as Najid Hanif more interesting, or get rid of the character.

Marks out of 10? I would give it a 6.

Did you watch it? Enjoy?
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