Monday, 1 March 2010

Being Human - Series 2, Episode 8 Finale, Review

What a BIG mess! :(

Still, it will not stop me from tuning into Series 3 episode 1... I will not give up on it yet... also the next Series is going to be set in Cardiff, woohoo!

This review is spot on:


Anonymous said...

I hate to agree, but I must. Some of the "supporting artists" gave terrible performances: (the Kemp follower who couldn't understand how to use a phone (!)); poor plot lining (weak enemies) and a finale that made no sense at all.

For series 3 they need to focus 2-3 plot strands rather than 40 like this series

Gerard McGarry said...

Can I just say thanks for linking to my post - I'm honoured to get a mention on 76 Trotters Lane, being a massive Doctor Who fan!

It's actually hard to write a review of a series that I've grown to love. And it should be said, it was nothing to do with the main actors - Tovey, Turner and Crichlow all put in fantastic performances, but sadly the underlying story was a disaster!

76 TOTTERS LANE said...

Thanks both for your posts :)

I agree with you The Grumpy Cleric, just a few plot strands would be better next time.

Gerard McGarry, it is my pleasure sir to post a link to your marvellous site. The main actors did indeedy put in great performances, but as you rightly say, the story was a mess.