Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Interview: Steven Moffat, Doctor Who

The Scot entrusted with the dreams of the nation's youth, the one who must inspire and thrill, is recalling the last time he held a position of similar responsibility.

"I was a phenomenally lazy schoolteacher," says Steven Moffat. "I'd like to think I was funny, I'm pretty sure I was quite popular – but I was lax at marking exams and often I'd just give the kids a book to read so I could doze at my desk."

Well, there's no opportunity for skiving now. Moffat is the new storyrunner on Doctor Who. That's a fancy television term for having the best job in all telly. Think about it: he's in charge of monsters, morals, explosions, choosing the glamorous assistants, a thumping budget and the care and maintenance of what he calls "the greatest fictional character TV has ever created"


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