Friday, 13 November 2009

ITV's Collision - Any good?

So there we have it, Collision is over and I managed to watch all five hours of it (minus the annoying adverts, thank you Sky).. am I happy about this? Well, not really! A watchable enough drama for sure, but nothing to pee your pants over, lets be fair!
It started ok, not the gripping first episode I was hoping for, gradually improved throughout the week, (I'm being kind here) and finished with a few enjoyable twists tonight.
I say 'twists' but I guessed most of them by Tuesday/Wednesday!
Despite trying my best I just didn't find myself caring about the characters.
Paul McGann was a joy to watch however (me biased? no way!)... no sign of the TARDIS though, strangely enough! Shame that!
Marks out of 10? I'll give it a 6.
Will I be asking Santa for the DVD? - a big fat NO.
What say you Totters people?..

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